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AVC Packaging

AVC Basım Ambalaj Sanayi was founded in 2006 on an area of 4000 m2. As AVC Packaging, we manufacture disposable paper and packaging products. We are working with our experienced staff in our production facilities equipped with modern technology, increasing our quality day by day.

To be a brand that respects the environment, does not harm human health, and produces fast and high quality products with recyclable materials.

To serve with high quality standards by adopting a zero defect policy and keeping employee satisfaction at the highest level.

Food Boxes

We produce food boxes in sizes that you need, with printed and unprinted options specific to your business.

Beverage Cups

We produce leakproof and hand-proof beverage cups in various sizes with printed and unprinted options.


We deeply care about the environment. For this reason, all our products are made from recyclable material.


As a brand that values the environment and sets sustainability goals, we use recyclable material in our products.

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Contact us for more information on on custom-made packaging on custom-made packaging.

Environmental Policy

Eco-Friendly Production

As AVC Packaging, we are aware that the world and human life is badly damaged because of non-recycled waste. We adopt raising environmental awareness and protecting the environment as our basic principle in production in order to provide you with high quality service. We have established the Environmental Management System in order to ensure that the production activities we carry out are in harmony with the environmental policy and targets.
The integrated work of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System with ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System was also completed simultaneously

  • 100% Dissolvable Cups
  • Appropriate Standards
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Frequently asked questions about our operation and process

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? What is your minimum production amount?

We can receive an order of minimum 1000 pieces.

? Do I have to work with a designer?

As Avc Packaging, we do not provide design service. You need to send us the designs suitable for the product you want to order.

? After I place my order, how many days do I have to wait for?

After your order is approved, we ship it in 15 business days.


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