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We started our journey in 2006 to serve in the manufacturing of disposable paper and packaging products. In 2011, we changed our name as AVC Basım Ambalaj Sanayi and started to serve in our new location. We have undertaken to provide recyclable products that do not harm human health in the fastest way possible.

By attaching importance to employee satisfaction, we achieve continuity under all circumstances with a zero error strategy in producing high quality goods and services. As the AVC family, we continue our journey by offering better products at more affordable prices every day with our production facilities equipped with modern technology and our experienced staff.

AVC family has been serving in the packaging industry since 2006.

Our vision

We are a brand that improves service and product quality every day, works to increase product diversity, provides timely service and offers superior quality at the most affordable price. Therefore, our vision is; To provide service with high quality standards by adopting a zero error strategy and keeping employee satisfaction at the highest level.

Our Mission

By always keeping our dynamics up to date in the light of technological growths and changes; We work with all our strength to fulfill our responsibilities towards all our domestic and international customers, employees, society and the environment. Our Mission; To be a brand that respects the environment, does not harm human health, and produces fast and high quality products with recyclable products.


Quality and Recyclable Products

Hot and cold drink cardboard cups between 4 oz and 22 oz, 16x25cm, 18cm and 23cm cardboard plates, popcorn boxes, chip boxes, pasta boxes, various boxes (pizza, meat pieces, sauce etc...), cups We offer the production of carriers and cup holders to your service. We also provide services for cup lids, straws and stirrers, which are by-products that will support these products.

Our products are produced using the flexo printing system in accordance with the World Food Codex, and are colored by logo or design printing. Therefore, it is suitable for hot and cold beverage use. Measuring our products to specified standards, working with a zero error strategy during printing, durability, strength, flexibility and sealing that come from the quality of raw materials are indicators of the quality of our products.

Renewable natural resources are used during production. In accordance with the regulations regarding the containers and glasses in which food products are placed in the world, production is made from raw materials that comply with high quality standards. Therefore, cardboard packaging is a completely recyclable product.

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